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Using wax to remove a man's facial hair has several benefits but also a few drawbacks. KidsHealth points out that waxing is quick and lasts about three to six weeks before the hair returns. Hair that grows back in after waxing may be lighter and less noticeable. The biggest drawback to waxing .

Experts report that more and more men are opting for the same grooming rights as women – including hair removal for smooth body eazye.info: Colette Bouchez.

Mar 09,  · Hi Guys, In this video, I demonstrate another hair transformation for men and literally I removed his facial hair (waxing his face Completely) and Done hair straightening treatment for him as well Author: Jason Makki.

Waxing, is a time-consuming and extremely painful method of facial hair removal. In waxing, sticky wax is applied on the desired part, with a strip of paper placed on it. The paper strip is then pulled off in one quick movement. Hair removed by this method does not grow back quickly, as waxing removes the hair from its roots under the skin eazye.info: Suketu Mehta.