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Oct 11,  · Last week, I tried to figure out why more women are having anal sex and why it correlates so highly with orgasms. Since , the percentage of women Author: William Saletan.

Jul 12,  · Yes. My wife has some of her most intense orgasms from anal sex and that is with or without stimulating her clitoris. Sometimes we will do it spur of the moment like a few days ago when we carried some laundry out to the garage. She bent over to s.

Jun 25,  · For some women out there, anal sex is the cherry on top of a sexual sundae: a little extra treat that elevates something that was already delicious on its own (duh, talking about sex here). But Author: Zahra Barnes.

Aug 15,  · Can You Orgasm From Anal Sex? Yes You Can, And Here's How. By Alison Segel. Aug 15, Full disclosure: I have had anal sex before, and I hated it. Clearly, I wasn't doing it eazye.info: Alison Segel.