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average lifespan of a pornstar

Jun 27,  · The average life expectancy in America is 78 years. The average life expectancy of a porn star is only 37 years. No, I don’t mean career life expectancy. I mean actual life. Take a minute and think about that. Have you ever heard of another career where the people involved have a .

The Average Life Expectancy Of A Porn Star. Rev. Daniel R. Jennings, M.A. The pornographic industry has become a colossal, worldwide business empire. In revenue from pornography equaled some $97 Billion dollars. In times past pornographic actors were shady characters who kept their real identities secretly under guard.

The average adult film actress is a brunette with a B-cup named Nikki, at least according to blogger Jon Millward, who spent six months analyzing the demographics of 10, porn stars drawn from Author: Stephanie Pappas.

Feb 19,  · The average female porn star is a brunette from California with a size 34B chest, a new series of detailed infographics has revealed.. Analysis into 10, profiles on the Internet Adult Film Author: Daily Mail Reporter.