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Would acupuncturist help for trigger thumb? trigger thumb acupuncture

Apr 17,  · If you are someone looking for acupuncture for trigger finger, your practitioner will decide which points to use depending on your pattern and area of discomfort. If you are a practitioner, I would communicate with you more in depth on some techniques that help with trigger finger.

Video of the Day. Acupuncture Acupuncture, the application of needles, heat or pressure to the skin, is a common alternative treatment for trigger finger. Acupuncture is based on the belief that qi, or vital energy, flows through the body on a network of paths, and that problems result when qi is blocked.

A: It is no surprise to us that there is little or no research published in English about the use of acupuncture treatment for trigger thumb. The vast majority of case are treated rapidly and successfully with steroid injections, and the important task is to determine whether it is a single problem in itself or whether it is the tip of a much.

Acupuncture and Trigger Finger. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we focus on the meridians, when a person suffers from a condition like trigger finger, we think it is caused by stagnation of Qi in the meridians. When we treat, we won’t just work on the affected finger or tendon, we will work on the affected meridian. For example.