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HM Revenue and Customs define a classic car for company taxation purposes as being over 15 years old and having a value in excess of £15, Additionally, popular acclaim through classic car magazines can play an important role in whether a car comes to be regarded as a classic but the definition remains subjective and a matter of opinion.

Jun 11,  · It is very easy to define a Veteran Car, as they were, quite simply, built before the First World War. Similarly a Vintage Car was built before , and Post Vintage referred to cars from the 30s until the end of WWII, however after this point it all becomes a bit hazy.

vintage car definition: a car made between and Learn more.

Define vintage car. vintage car synonyms, vintage car pronunciation, vintage car translation, English dictionary definition of vintage car. n chiefly Brit an old car, esp one constructed between and Compare classic car, veteran car.