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Apr 02,  · Crate Vintage Club 50 watt VC TUBE amp just a small distortion demo to give an idea of how it sounds. sttings- gain 10 / treble 7 / mid 4 / bass 10 .was the eq setting on distortion.

Jun 23,  · We just purchased a nice Crate Vintage Club 30 from Craig's list. We did a little research and couldn't find a ton of info Mid 90's, built in the USA and had some good reviews I have become a fan of the sound of EL84s We made arrangements to have a look and I loved the sound!

May 10,  · Crate "Vintage Club 30 All Tube" amplifier PROBLEM. by copower on Tue May 09, pm. okay so somethings wrong with it. its a guitar amp with the aforementioned title. i'll be playing guitar sometimes its fine but then this horrible hissing noise happens, over what im playing and it .

Oct 30,  · FYI - There are some Vintage Clubs on eBay, including a 30 watter (and no, none of these are my auctions - just passing along the info): Crate Vintage Club VC30 All Tube Guitar Amp No Reserve - (eBay item end time Oct PDT).