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Welcome to Identify Your Breyer, the largest and most complete source of information on new and vintage Breyer model horses on the Internet. I’m glad you stopped by! If you’re looking to buy new models or sell your old collection you should definitely start with my Buying and Selling page.

In Breyer introduced its Vintage Collectors Club, offering models that combine favorite Traditional scale molds with popular vintage colors that were never released in that is accompanied by a handout/certificate of authenticity, has a blue ribbon sticker, and is stamped "Vintage Collectors Club" on its belly.

Vintage Club Banner (Banner should feature older Vintage models with collateral card and box sample. Text should include following: Join the Breyer Vintage Club! Limited to members per year. Club Membership closes: DATE. Text Below Banner: The Breyer Vintage Club is an online club created to celebrate Breyer’.

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