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Jun 12,  · Oh Jayman I love the Food Network! (and HGTV & DIY) Giada not so much and Guy can't go away, far far away fast enough for me. I get why you like Giada - just like her pose here - it's all about the cleveage. But it does seen that the Food Network is beginning to turn into the Deen channel of late. Paula is enough - I don't need her boys too.

With the family away for the weekend, Ree Drummond can cook and eat all the food she really loves. She starts with a fresh and fabulous Gazpacho for lunch.

We really enjoy food network, but this show is awful! Courtney Rada is trying way too hard, and the show is flat and uninteresting. I sincerely hope Food Network sees this and makes this the shortest run ever of any new show in Food Network history. Guy Fieri she is NOT!/5().

Apr 10,  · Food network doesn't completely suck, but it mostly sucks. There are a few good shows, including Chopped. I'm still also a fan of Iron Chef America, but they have really shit on the Iron Chef brand by doing all these "Next Iron Chef" competitions.