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Slot Car Detector dead strip detector

The thickness of these contacts represents a dead layer around the surface of the crystal within which energy depositions do not result in detector signals. The central contact in these detectors is opposite to the surface contact, making the dead layer in n-type detectors smaller than the dead layer in .

Clean up the dead strip when the cut is completed. Make an electrical test to insure that no more iron dust remains between the dead strip and the track section. Trick: use a magnet to capture and remove this remaining iron dust. Then solder 2 x 2 wires to keep electrical continuity around the dead strips.

A wire chamber is a chamber with many parallel wires, arranged as a grid and put on high voltage, with the metal casing being on ground potential. As in the Geiger counter, a particle leaves a trace of ions and electrons, which drift toward the case or the nearest wire, respectively. By marking off the wires which had a pulse of current, one.

Enhanced Dead Strip Sensor. This electronic circuit uses a trigger to amplify any slot car dead strip sensor. It designs a 2 lane detector. Build it twice for 4 lanes, and so on. This sensor increases the lap time detection duration making the detection more reliable on slow PCs.