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Mar 16,  · Teens' MP3 Habits May Up Hearing Loss. Having tinnitus (ringing in the ears): 17% of students and 12% of adults Second, high school students were much more likely than adults to admit playing their iPods and other MP3 players at loud volumes. More than half (59%) of students reported playing their MP3 players loudly, Author: Miranda Hitti.

Hearing loss in their 30's Teenagers' use of MP3 players subjects them to continuous exposure to loud music, which can lead to slow and progressive hearing loss. People therefore only discover that the damage has been done after many years of loud music through headphones.

Loud rock music contributed to hearing loss among baby boomers, but MP3 players are poised to make the problem much worse for the next generation. New surveys from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association highlight that risk, noting Author: Tom Valeo.

Mar 16,  · First, high school students were more likely than adults to report any of these possible signs of hearing loss: Needing to turn up the volume on their TV or radio: 28% of students and 26% of adults. Saying "what" or "huh" during normal conversation: 29% of students and 21% of adults.