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National Comedy Theater and Upright Citizen's Brigade are the two that are recommended for teens. Please know that National Comedy Theater offers a very family friendly comedy club while Upright Citizen's Brigade is a bit edgier (sometimes skits about male and female body parts).

Helium Comedy Club - Philadelphia is a contemporary entertainment venue that bring stadium-sized talent to an intimate theater on a weekly basis. For a modest ticket price, patrons enjoy live standup comedy and other performance art from a nationally accredited act, no more than 60 feet away.

SAK Comedy Lab is a seat improv comedy theater in downtown Orlando, with nightly improv comedy shows most days of the week! Nowhere else in Florida will you find a place like SAK Comedy Lab. Since , our professional ensemble of improv actors has entertained audiences with our unique brand of live improvised comedy. We take your suggestions and make up characters, scenes and songs on.

The hook of Good Boys, Hollywood’s latest odyssey of comic adolescent mischief, is that the kids behaving badly are, for once, truly kids. The usual R-rated parade of randy mishaps, drug-related foibles, and foul-mouthed banter has formed around characters just out of elementary school. That may sound like a minefield of taboos (or maybe, given the two decades of South Park, really no big deal).Author: A.A. Dowd.