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Jan 25,  · Two things that might be off-point 1) If he plays sports, time it right because there is a period where he has to leave the studs in, and 2) I have middle school DDs but have held out on the ear piercing as something to look forward to when they are 18; a right of passage--in our family, at least.

Sep 09,  · In case you missed it: ear piercings are not just for girls! Over the past few years, ear piercing has grown in popularity with boys of all ages. Here are a few things to keep in mind for boys when making the decision to pierce their ears. One Ear or Two? This is definitely a personal preference.

Happy kid with septum piercing. This boy looks happy! I can’t tell if it’s because of his septum piercing or not, but the point is he is happy! Two piercings in one ear. The cartilage piercing and the stretched earlobe are among this dude’s body modifications. Triangle through the conch.

Teenagers and piercing is becoming a parenting issue that five years ago parents of ten year olds thought they wouldn’t have to deal with. Well, it’s still around and parents of kids of all ages are now dealing with the issue of piercing various body parts in the name of style and self expression. Piercing is about more than just something.