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Ideal Weight Calculator. The Ideal Weight Calculator computes ideal bodyweight (IBW) ranges based on height, gender, and age. The idea of finding the IBW using a formula has been sought after by many experts for a long time. Currently, there persist several popular formulas, and our Ideal Weight Calculator provides their results for side-to-side comparisons.

English Español (Spanish) This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding BMI-for-age percentile based on the CDC growth charts for children and teens (ages 2 through 19 years). Because of possible rounding errors in age, weight, and height, the results from this calculator may differ slightly.

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Jul 18,  · With obesity rates in teens rising, you may wonder how your teen's weight compares to normal weight ranges. The growth charts serve as a tool to provide an idea of average weights for teen boys and girls, but remember that these charts may not fit your child's exact needs.