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A Day in the Life of a Teen With Dyslexia. Meet Henry, an 11th grader with dyslexia. He’s a smart kid, but his reading issues affect nearly every aspect of his day. To get an inside look at some of the surprising ways dyslexia can impact teens, take a look at a typical day in Henry’s The Understood Team.

Since that day, I have been discovering for myself my personal strengths and weakness and how to deal with them. I have created my own dyslexia blog, and built a dyslexic community on Instagram. I also made it through high school! Dyslexia is a gift. I hope all those who read this will come to know that and will overcome their own dyslexia.

Mar 13,  · Dyslexia is a lifelong learning disability. Dyslexic children become dyslexic adults. Some of the supports that help children will also be effective for adults, but their life situation may be different. Rather than navigating the classroom, the dyslexic adult will need to navigate the workplace 75%(12).

Jun 11,  · Dyslexia is an often-misunderstood, confusing term for reading problems. The word dyslexia is made up of two different parts: dys meaning not or difficult, and lexia meaning words, reading, or language. So quite literally, dyslexia means difficulty with words (Catts & Kamhi, ).