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Teen Parent Program Describes a free program for teen parents in collaboration with the North Seattle Family Center that supports teen parents by facilitating peer support groups, offering parenting classes/ workshops, and participation in home visiting programs. Teen parents can also access community resources to support their children. (Back.

Season 9, Ep 23 Hey, Girl, Hey. Leah attends a Teen Mom 2 reunion in New York City, Chelsea struggles with her anxiety on a trip to Minneapolis, and Briana lets Devoin watch Nova for the weekend.

For Young Parents. Being a teen is tough. So is being a parent. If you’re doing both at the same time, you have to face some pretty unique challenges. As a teen parent – whether you’re a mom or a dad – you are now in charge of raising a happy, healthy child, all while .

New Moms is changing the future for young moms experiencing poverty and homelessness in Chicago by offering housing, job training, and family support.