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These driving laws in Maryland apply to all drivers under age 18, regardless of when they received their learner’s permit or provisional driver’s license. These new teen driving restrictions were designed in response to an increase in teen car crashes and are intended to give teens more experience driving with fewer distractions.

Teen Driving Laws in Maryland. Maryland is concerned about the safety of new drivers, and has strengthened the laws. The following outlines the requirements for all those who are learning to drive and are graduating through the Maryland Rookie Driver: Graduated Licensing System. The retaking of all law and driving skills tests. License.

Maryland requires teen drivers to obtain an instruction permit before being issued a driver’s license. However, even after licensing, teen drivers are subject to a multitude of restrictions and requirements.

Rookie Driver Safety for Teens and Parents. NEW! Download the RoadReady Supervised Practice Driving App to conveniently track your required practice driving on your mobile device! Available now for Android from Google Play or for iOS from the iTunes Store.; Other Important Resources: Maryland Online Driver Test Tutorial – One of our most popular destinations, this page lets you test your.