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A Brief History of Sexy Lingerie lingerie history

Feb 12,  · A Brief History of Sexy Lingerie. Who knew open-crotch underwear was an s norm? By Noel Duan. Feb 12, What makes lingerie "sexy" isn't Author: Noel Duan.

Throughout history lingerie has served as women’s answer to questions of individual sensuality and suggestion, and so from the many years of bustiers, bras and the babes that wore them, we’re exposing it all. An Era Of Followthelala.

The term "lingerie" is derived from the French linge, or linen, and thus makes direct reference to the material from which underwear was traditionally the late nineteenth century, lingerie had become a generic term commonly used to describe underwear that had moved beyond practical function to become a tool of erotic pleasure used for the display of the body during sexual play.

The slim silhouette and lighter style of dresses in the twenties also had a dramatic effect on women’s s lingerie. In the s, a woman would wear drawers/bloomers, chemise, corset, corset cover, and several petticoats underneath her dress.