How Often Should You Use Face Masks? - how often should you have a facial


How Often You Should Get a Facial | how often should you have a facial

Try to have a facial at least four times a year as the season changes, if you can't afford to go every month. Location: Urban environments have more pollution that makes your skin dirtier. You might need to be rigorous about your once-a-month schedule.

Apr 25,  · You really NEED a facial once a month (if not more), if your skin has Little clogged bumps or whiteheads (known as closed comedones) that are under the skin, are not painful and don’t go away no matter what you do at home.

Oct 31,  · How often should you get a facial? The jury’s out on an official timeline, but most skin care providers will suggest a facial on a regular basis such as once per month. “Much like a massage, facials should be thought of as skin maintenance in addition to .

Jan 07,  · It's also important to note that while all three experts agree the rule of thumb is one facial per month, some treatments, such as the HydraFacial, are only recommended once every three Rebecca Dancer.