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Sep 10,  · The best phone to buy for kids this year is the LG K Available unlocked for use on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, its rock-bottom price tag makes it an easy choice. However, low price doesn’t mean poor performance. A Snapdragon quad-core processor matched with 2GB of RAM makes opening and closing applications a breeze.

Nov 20,  · The campaign's central point, though, is that younger kids generally only need phones for calling and limited texting. The best phone for tweens and younger is a simple voice phone Author: Sascha Segan.

The best phone for kids come in all shapes and sizes, from one-button touch-to-call safety devices, to battle-tested Samsung phones with drop protection, to the cheapest iPhone if you want them on Author: Mark Knapp.

Jun 11,  · Best Plan for Kids. If you want control over how your kids use their cell phones, then Verizon have a great plan for you. The Just Kids plan includes 5GB of data and comes with all of the parental controls you need to keep your children safe and make sure they're not spending every waking moment on their Tina Chang.