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Lots of people think that shaving will make hair grow back thicker. Learn the answer to whether shaving makes hair grow back thicker at HowStuffWorks. Does shaving really make hair grow back thicker? by John Perritano. Aside from transplanting some spare follicles from another part of your body, nothing you do can increase that amount Author: John Perritano.

Jun 14,  · In short – no. Shaving your facial hair (i.e. beard) or any part of your body for that matter will not make it grow back faster. There is nothing proven scientifically or otherwise that has claimed that when a razor meets your skin does your hair automatically sprout up at a quicker rate.

Jun 07,  · Any type of daily activity is known for increasing the hormones that fuel facial hair growth, and it can also improve your circulation especially to the beard area. But the best type of exercise for facial hair growth purposes would be heavy weight-lifting and explosive resistance training because it activates the androgen eazye.infos:

Deciding when to start shaving is based on how your facial hair makes you feel. The time to consider shaving is when it starts to bother you or makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance. How often should I shave? That depends on how fast your beard grows and how dark it is. For some guys, shaving once every few weeks is fine at Joseph Saling.