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Mila Kunis' Long, Layered, Sexy, Brunette Hairstyle is an easy way to style long hair. See how to get it To get Mila Kunis' hairstyle, part your hair directly down the center to start Apply smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry straight using a round brush. 3. Curl just the ends of your hairstyle with a 1-inch curling iron. Rake your fingers through your curls to loosen them up.

Sep 11,  · 51 Beautiful Long Layered Haircuts. By Shelley Christy | September 11, Hair can mean the world to us and it may takes us a long time to find a style we love. Many of us have long, straight hair but want a change. Adding layers to your hair will not along change the style, keep the length but add volume and boost your fine eazye.info: Shelley Christy.

10 Layered Hairstyles & Cuts for Long Hair. Layered hairstyles and cuts for long hair are a great way to make your hair more face-flattering! Layering is essential for shaping thick long hair, and for creating tousled volume on medium or fine, lank hair. Sexy golden blonde balayage waves – layered hairstyles and cuts for long hair Credit.

How to Style Long HairMethod 1 Choosing a Style. Take your hair's texture into eazye.info 2 Wearing Long Hair Down. Pick a eazye.info 3 Creating the Perfect Ponytail. Decide your ponytail's eazye.info 4 Doing a Basic Bun. Start with a ponytail.