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Lifestyle Condoms are striving to be that brand that is perfect for you and your partner. The company was founded in Australia and have expanded to Europe where they have a headquarters in Belgium. Many people have found their condoms to be comfortable and reliable. Based on online reviews, their ‘Ultra Sensitive’ condoms are a great product.

LifeStyles XL King Condoms. star rating (28 reviews) write a review. When the normal sized girth of LifeStyles latex condoms don’t cut it for you, it’s time to size up to the LifeStyles XL. This is the widest condom made by LifeStyles and it is absolutely perfect for /5(28).

Mar 06,  · This item Lifestyles Kyng Gold Condoms, Large, Count. Lifestyles Kyng Condoms, 10 Count. LifeStyles King Larger Size Condoms, Ounce. Kimono Microthin XL Extra Large, 12 Count. Durex XXL Extra Large Lubricated Condoms, 12 Count. /5(10).

KYNG condoms also have LifeStyle’s most popular flared shape. These condoms have a reservoir tip. Because they are made from premium latex, KYNG condoms have a low latex scent. KYNG condoms are also lubricated — this allows for more pleasure. But no need to worry, KYNG condoms do not have any spermicide in their lubrication.