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Which western pleasure bits should you use to train your horse? Understand the different types of snaffle bits and curb bits to their best advantage. Get top performing western pleasure bits here: training bits, snaffles, show bits.

Western Pleasure Bits found in: FES Arabian Show Bit Frog Port with Roller, FES Pro Correction Bit with Silver Dots and Copper Rollers, FES California Pleasure With Silver Cheeks, Robart™ Precision Cathedral Bit, FES Cathedral.

Feb 17,  · Western pleasure isn’t scored, so judges must make these evaluations in their heads as the class is going on. The new rules encourage evaluating a horse’s entire performance, within the correct hierarchy, and not getting wrapped up with speed or any other single part of the Dave Dellin.

Shop for western horse bits ranging from snaffle bits to cathedral bits, for the backyard horse man to the professional show man. Silver Dot Cathedral Pleasure Bit. $ Brown Dot Shank Correction Bit. $ Metalab Antique Short S Rope Hackamore. $ 7" Engraved Aluminum Shank Snaffle Bit.