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Apr 22,  · Adolescents of the Muria Tribe, Chattisgarh, can 'practise' sex without emotional attachment. The Muria Tribe from Chattisgarh have a very sexually liberated culture. They have mixed-sex dormitories where adolescents are sent to practice premarital sex, sometimes with a single partner and sometimes serially. They are discouraged from becoming emotionally attached to their eazye.info: Rohit Bhattacharya.

Sep 10,  · Vaginal sex is what most people think of as "sex" - specifically when a man's penis enters a woman's vagina. It's the only form of sex that can lead to pregnancy, and it can spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also called sexually transmitted infections (STIs), too.

Oct 23,  · The following is a list of paraphilias, or sources of sexual arousal, discussed in "Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us" [Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $] by Jesse Bering.

Compared to other forms of reproduction, the unique feature of sex is: a. the ability of a cell to divide b. the production of offspring c. the ability to generate new genetic combinations d. .