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How to Tell if my Rabbit is Male or Female - Easy Tips telling the sex of rabbits

Aug 06,  · How to Determine the Sex of a Rabbit. Knowing your rabbit's sex is important for many reasons. It helps you to choose an appropriate name as well as avoiding unwanted pregnancy if you keep groups of rabbits together. It's also important to 86%(7).

Sexing Rabbits and sexing baby bunnies. How to tell male rabbits from female rabbits. It is easy, with our photos of 6 week old kits and adult rabbits and complete guidelines and tips. It’s almost a joke - you go to the pet store or rabbit breeder, buy two of the cutest bunnies you ever did see, and the sales clerk assures you they’re both.

Aug 02,  · Correct handling and sexing a young rabbit. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Determining the sex of very young rabbits is difficult, since they can be hard to hold easily and their genitals are so small that you may not be able to tell what you’re looking at. Depending on the size of your bunnies, you may be able to identify the sexes by the time they are about 6 weeks old.