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Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District is probably one of the first things that would come to mind when talking about Amsterdam. claimed to be the original coffeeshop in Amsterdam founded by Henk de Vries. However, it was once a sex theater and the basement was a sex shop, but then Henk’s friends came over to smoke joints often.

This is an interactive map of all of the remaining coffeeshops open for business and welcoming tourists in central Amsterdam in The map has been shrunk to fit on your device. Please stretch it and scroll to the area you are interested in. Click on any shop name for more details.

Amsterdam Red Light District history. The Amsterdam Red Light District is located in the oldest area of the city. The architecture is particularly beautiful and typically Dutch. The beauty of its building is also a reason why everyone should walk around this area. The Red Light District of .

The oldest, existing more than 25 years, recently thoroughly renovated, gay sex shop and cinema. Address: Kerkstraat , GC Amsterdam; phone: +31 20 15 Drake’s gay sex shop. Drake’s of Los Angeles or as it often called by the locals just Drakes is a gay sex shop.