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The OffenderWatch Network OffenderWatch is the only sex offender registry management tool that generates alerts across jurisdictions based on an offender’s home, work, or school address, which further promotes collaboration among agencies on a single offender record.

At times many of us on the registry have a tendency to only see the dark side of our existence. It’s hard to pick your head up and look for the light when people are standing on your neck.

So Child Rescue Network urges you to use the National Registry to locate sex offenders in your area, but understand that most of these individuals should not cause you to be too concerned. This is the National Sex Offender Registry that provides access to lists from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, US Territories and Indian Country.

The OffenderWatch Network. OffenderWatch has more than 60% of the nation’s sex offender records in its network—more than any other registry system. Our goal is to have one registry that is connected with every agency, across every jurisdiction. See who’s currently in the OffenderWatch Network.