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Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Unrated and Untold Stories. Return to Omashu. Story Codes: mf, MMff, mf, Mf, BDSM, Cream Pie, First, Oral, Orgy, Unif. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa and Momo had just exited the caves of Two Lovers and were devastated to look upon the .

Katara took his hand, "I enjoyed it too. Now let's get out of here before my brother freaks out." So this will be the first chapter of a multi-chapter story. It will all mainly be smut, just following the show's story line. It will include Yaoi, Yuri and Incest. If you don't like any, I don't suggest you follow this story.

The story of Katara's interesting journey with the Avatar to the Northern Water Tribe. She must come to terms with her feelings for him as well as her sexual curiosities. All chapters originally written in .

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