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Not only do we want to get you off, we want you to have an uncontrollable, mind-blowing orgasm (you know, because we’re so good at fucking you). We want an enthusiastic girl who gets swept up in sex with us, who loves every second of it, who makes us feel like we’ve underestimated our prowess. Our greatest fear is the woman who is a dead.

In order for men to be good at having sex, they must master communicating to their partner what turns them on. A Man's Perspective On What Makes Sex Good | YourTango toggle navigationAuthor: The Frisky.

Feb 25,  · What Really Makes a Guy Good in Bed A recent study showed that a whopping 75 percent of people think they're total sex gods. Which, we'd say, Author: Natasha Burton.

Sep 07,  · We know what you're thinking: I have a vagina--of course I'm good at sex! But what makes a woman good good? We asked 50 guys for their answers so you can start eazye.info: Jessica Duncan.