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Shocking moment a man has an EEL removed from his anus by doctors eel anus

Nov 17,  · Doctors remove a live EEL from the anus of a man who refused to say how it got there The man was taken to a hospital in China for treatment Author: Corey Charlton.

Apr 19,  · A factory worker from southeast China put a half-a-metre long eel into his anus in a bid to cure his constipation problem. year-old Mr Liu was rushed to the local hospital after claiming he had.

May 09,  · Sadly this is not the only case of eels inside rectums in China in recent years. In a similarly sized swamp eel was removed from a man’s abdomen after it was inserted for recreational worse, in a man died when his friend inserted an eel into his anus as a joke and it dealt fatal damage to his internal organs.

A man in China's southeastern Guangdong province admitted himself to a local hospital after he reportedly got a live eel stuck inside him. According to British tabloid The Sun, the man inserted the inch-long Asian swamp eel into his anus after seeing it done in a porn movie, and he had to endure all-night surgery to have it Andres Jauregui.