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Aug 04,  · What's the problem: Any kind of physical activity causes sweat, but sex can be especially vigorous (heyo). "Sweat alone does not cause acne," says Sejal Shah, MD, Author: Kathryn Lindsay.

Jul 02,  · The mother of all your doubts and beliefs is that whether having sex will cause you acne or not? You see, the thing is sex doesn’t exactly cause you acne, but it does trigger certain bodily conditions that lead you to have acnes. In other words, sex contributes indirectly to the formation of acnes. The Link between Sex and AcneAuthor: Audie Dewey.

Masturbation affects your hormone levels, but is it enough to cause hormonal acne? Here’s what you need to know. Subscribe. Does Masturbation Cause Acne? or if you have eazye.info: Annamarya Scaccia.

If bacteria (known as P. acnes) are present together with sebum (oil), then this can trigger acne development. This is the only link that can be established between sex and acne. So the truth remains that sex is not the sole cause of acne but can possibly contribute to .