What Twentysomething Guys Really Think About Your Pubic Hair - do men prefer shaved bikinis


What Guys Think About the Hair Down There do men prefer shaved bikinis

Mar 18,  · Male or female pubic hair removal and grooming is a highly personal issue, and we were curious to find out what men think about women shaving and waxing in Author: Kylie M.

I think using the term of expectation is very problematic. I would never expect anything from someone when it comes to hair maintenance down there, I'm not an asshole. Now, what style do I prefer Author: Anna North.

Are there guys that like us to have hair down there or do they all prefer us to be as bald as the day we were born? What goes through a guy's head when he discovers that we don't shave it all off? 13 Things Guys Really Think About Hair Down There. by Hetty Tullis – on Apr 05, ; While most men prefer a woman who is either bare or Author: Hetty Tullis.

Jan 11,  · Shaved into a shape. Do you remember how the woman you last had sex with styled her pubic hair? Do you think men should do this? I guess I prefer a little groundskeeping. Just general Author: Hannah Smothers.