Suspensory Ligament Release for Penile Lengthening - stretching penis suspensory ligament


The Penile Ligaments: Unlocking the Door to Extra Length stretching penis suspensory ligament

Stretching the penile ligaments – which we’ll look at below. Meet The Real Anchormen: ‘Suspensory’ and ‘Fundiform’ Those are the names of the two ligaments that anchor the penis to the body. They’re located in the pubic area at the base of your penis (on the top side of the penile shaft).Author: Gary Marshall.

Feb 05,  · I'm wondering - is there a ballpark figure for the maximum possible suspensory ligament stretch? For example, Bib gained " hanging, did he mention how much of that was from his suspensory ligaments? What do you guys think? Do they stretch a lot, like 2", and one can work on them for a long time, or is it more minimal, like.5" - 1"?

The penis consists of a “visible” external part, and an “invisible” internal part that is buried inside the suprapubic area. The base of the penis is attached to the pubic bone via the “suspensory ligament”, which prevents the penis from moving further out and provides an arched angle to the penile base area.

This is just a basic technique, but it should give you a good idea of how penis stretching exercises work and how they are performed. A good penis enlargement routine is slightly more involved, and includes a variety of exercises that focus on stretching all areas of the suspensory ligament, as well as the secondary ligaments within the Gary Marshall.