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History. Public pleasure gardens have existed for many centuries. In Ancient Rome, the landscaped Gardens of Sallust (Horti Sallustiani) were developed as a private garden by the historian gardens were acquired by the Roman Emperor Tiberius for public use. Containing many pavilions, a temple to Venus, and monumental sculptures, the gardens were open to the public for centuries.

The ancient Egyptians placed a lot of value on their gardens. Most of the gardens were in the royal palace and the temples, but later in their history, more wealthy families had pleasure gardens. There were also gardens set aside as funeral gardens, and these were miniature versions of the pleasure .

The Gardens and Ponds of Ancient Egypt by Jimmy Dunn One really hears very little about gardens, and yet, they were an essential element to the ancient Egyptian people Those who could afford to do so laid out gardens in front of both their houses and tomb chapels.

Feb 17,  · The most beautiful gardens of the world and so temples usually had gardens by them. In ancient Egypt gardens also had religious significance as different trees were associated with .