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*I’ve updated the price per condom with the recent price per condom in a pack (if available) from Undercover condoms online condom store or Amazon. Source: Consumer Reports. For me results came a bit as a surprise, few of my favorites didn’t make it near the top.

12th Time Winner – Rated Best Condom by Consumer Reports. The Durex Extra Sensitive condom is the thinnest latex condom in the Durex product line. It is super sensitive, comes with a good amount of lubricant, and a slightly wider head. All of these characteristics make this condom a great choice for those who love the Durex brand.

We post condom reviews and condom ratings from a number of different sources. You can, for instance, see which condoms received the highest ratings in our annual condom awards. Each year, we send condom samplings to select buyers, who then report back on their experiences with each one.

Condom Reviews = Best Condoms. Buying Guides from Looking for the Best Condoms? We review the Wrold's 10 Best Condoms in this .