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Rolled Furring Strips make it easy to build straight walls. They fine-tune the job to dead flat in nothing flat. You ۪ll get walls that satisfy even the most demanding clients. After all, if you don ۪t make waves, neither.

Shop furring strips in the lumber & composites section of eazye.info Find quality furring strips online or in store.

Rolled Furring Strips Help keep walls straight and aligned. Rolled Furring Strips. Everybody knows that a quality drywall job depends on studs that are straight, plumb and aligned. But the real world of construction is out of plumb — full of bowed studs, off-vertical walls and more alignment problems than a battered used car. And everybody.

Grainger has felt strips and felt sheets for your industrial, manufacturing and construction requirements in a number of grades, durometers, vibration absorbencies and densities. Find plain and adhesive-backed felt sheets and strips to use for gasketing, dust shields, weather stripping and polishing jobs.