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Oct 12,  · “It’s the 99 Cents Store. I would use hangers from the 99 Cents Store. I would use screws and screwdrivers. I wouldn’t buy condoms like I wouldn’t buy food at the 99 Cents Store,†said Nickolas Jones, 26, a CSUF graduate student. “The price itself says a lot,†said Aziel Manago, 19, a pre-nursing eazye.info: Nicole Park.

Sep 24,  · The 99 Cents Only Store always seems to carry Aim, Pepsodent, Ultrabrite, Colgate and sometimes Crest. There was a Yahoo article comparing toothpastes and the Ultrabrite got the highest marks for a whitening toothpaste. If the name brands are bad at the dollar store, then how is buying the same thing at 3 times the price going to be any better?

That means you just need to visit every aisle of our store to check out an unbelievable assortment. The Joneses are going to have a hard time keeping up with you this time. Every kind of decoration in this Universe and some that may be from elsewhere. Trying to explain the variety of home decorations the 99 has is, simply, impossible. But to.

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