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How to unlock a mobile phone: a guide to unlocking any phone or network unlock virgin mobile

Unlocking your phone. To unlock your device at no charge, A non-Virgin Mobile SIM card that fits the device you’re unlocking Heads up! The unlocking codes and instructions will be provided to you upon completion of your request. Fees. Virgin will unlock your device at no charge. To unlock your device, log in to My Account or contact.

Jul 03,  · Ignoring the problem of CDMA or GSM-only phones, unlocking procedures can vary between models and carriers, and I've never unlocked a Virgin Mobile phone personally, but there are 2 general procedures: Remote Unlock Remote unlock requires obtainin.

You can attempt to unlock the device up to 10 times. After 10 unsuccessful attempts, the device will become permanently locked and you won't be able to make or receive any calls. If you insert a Virgin Mobile SIM card before the 10th incorrect attempt, the phone will function normally but this will not reset the number of incorrect attempts.

Nov 24,  · Hi there isamerrie. Depending what plan you have, Data Love or Inner Circle the unlock may be different. If your account is Data Love, the requirement is that the device must be 12 months on the account. If you are part of the Inner Circle then you may have it unlock after 14 days of activating it with the exception of the iPhone SE and iPhone 6.