- what pornstar has the highest iq


what pornstar has the highest iq

The Intelligence Quotient or “IQ” has become the go-to term during discussions of a person’s mental abilities. By trying to measure someone’s intelligence, a debate has been fueled about whether that person has any control over his IQ eazye.info: Harsh Gupta.

There is actually no real IQ test online to the general public so other outlets making suggestions of what the highest IQ possible is just opinion not actual fact yet opinions on the Web tend to give the majority beliefs that nearly all possible information is online & that somehow most of it or at least more than half is fact. IQ has no limit.

Oct 24,  · The highest IQ possible in the world based on theory is , although some people have been known to have an IQ of above Let’s discuss how that’s possible below. Everyone with an IQ score higher than is lucky enough to have an above average eazye.info: Juan Ramos.

Apr 13,  · 1. James Woods – IQ James Woods has the highest IQ on this list. He was accepted into MIT on a full scholarship. He got a near perfect score on his SATs with a in verbal and in math. 2. Dolph Lundgren – IQ Dolph Lundgren supposedly.