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RUSSERT: We have to take a quick break, be right back with more of our conversation with Vice President Dick Cheney and talk about the economy right after this. (Announcements) NBC News.

Jan 23,  · Tim Russert=Institutional Racism He really doesn't have a clue that this is an offensive question. It's just the way "they've" always done it. Tim, can you please explain why Tim McVeigh blew up the Federal buildng in Oklahoma. I'd like you to respond to that question. He was white. He was a Christian. You have a lot in common. PM suttree said.

Dec 28,  · When interviewer Tim Russert asked him on “Meet the Press” on the eve of the invasion of Iraq if he thought Americans were prepared for a .

Dick Cheney Cover Stories of the People in Charge Vice President Dick Cheney was in the White House during the attack. He said he learned of the attack from a clerical secretary. Interestingly, Cheney, in an interview with Tim Russert on NBC, indicated that the President made the .