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Jul 01,  · The modern giant sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus, one of the largest known predators, preys upon cephalopods at great depths 1,eazye.infog a Cited by:

The Giant Sperm Whale. • Also inside the Sperm Whale’s head is the spermaceti melon, containing around tonnes of oil. • Once thought to the sperm or semen, hence the name: Sperm Whale • Once highly sought after for production of candles, cosmetics, .

The killer whales employed a tail outward and tail-slapping defensive position against the bull sperm whale similar to that used by female sperm whales against attacking killer whales. However, at some potential feeding sites, the killer whales may prevail over sperm whales even when outnumbered by the sperm eazye.info: Mammalia.

The giant sperm whale Leviathan melvilleiis is illustrated attacking a medium-size baleen whale off the coast of the area now occupied by eazye.info: Dnews.