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Simone Silva (15 August – 30 November ) was an Egyptian-born French film actress who appeared in a handful of British B-movies during the s. Silva, who was once quoted as saying she would "do anything" to get in the newspapers, was known however less for her acting than for her voluptuous figure and shameless publicity-seeking activities.

Simone Silva, Soundtrack: The Gelignite Gang. Simone Silva was born to French-Italian parents in Cairo as Simone de Bouillard. She was known mainly in England, where the great majority of her films were produced, as an actress of B-movies, who usually played supporting roles and bit mostly forgotten actress in some ways was more bright in life than in her very short Simone Silva.

May 12,  · It is 64 years old this year. Since its early days, stars, starlets, journalists and photographers would take a cruise from Cannes and spend a day on Ile Sainte-Marguerite, where Robert Mitchum and Simone Silva gave the world an iconic and risque moment in Silva was a pin-up actress who was known primarily for her ample bosom.

Cannes Film Festival; Classic Cannes Photos – Then And Now The 62nd Cannes Film Festival began last week on May 13 and runs through May 24th. The glamorous tradition has always attracted high profile celebs, models and film folk.