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For artist Eunice Golden, who rose to art-world prominence in the s, that dynamic needed changing.“The female nude for centuries has been the object of male needs, fantasies and desires,” Golden told The Huffington Post. “I longed to incorporate my own erotic fantasies into my Talia Lavin.

Mar 02,  · Male artists have been painting the female nude for millennia. image and surface," applying high style to subjects that many people consider vulgar. oozing blood. She wants Author: John H. Richardson.

German-based artist Susannah Martin is doing her best to uproot this rather uniform trajectory, painting the female body from a -- wait for it -- female point of view. Her contemporary takes on the classical nude imbues female forms with an independent spirit removed from male judgment or Priscilla Frank.

Mar 31,  · John Hammack has been modeling nude for 15 years, ever since a guy at the gym spied him naked in the locker room and suggested he start disrobing professionally. In the past decade and a .