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Next-Generation Face Recognition Technology. FastAccess v5 can recognize you up to X faster while being more accurate at the same settings as v4! We've tuned v5 for speed and zero false recognitions at High/Maximum settings. That means stronger security than before with the .

FastAccess Anywhere uses your face instead of passwords for faster and easier login to devices, apps, and web sites. SensibleVision's established face recognition technology is the world's most reliable and fastest, giving you the freedom and confidence for today’s mobile lifestyles.

What is FastAccess Facial Recognition? Dell FastAccess with Power Smart provides fast, simple, and secure access to the computer using face recognition. While a firewall protects the computer from Internet intrusion, Dell FastAccess prevents unauthorized viewing access from the computer's monitor and keyboard.

Aug 17,  · How to remove Fast Access facial recognition software? 1. Go to the start menu and choose control panel. 2. Go to Programs and Features or Programs. This is the equivalent of Add or Remove programs in Windows XP. 3. When it is open find the Fast Access software in the list of installed programs. Author: Mitz.