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10 Cloverfield Lane is a cleverly conceived potboiler about a young woman named Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who escapes an unhappy marriage and takes with her a notebook of stifled dreams, specifically about designing clothes. As she flees her husband (Bradley Cooper), who seems eager to badger her into giving up her freedom, she is involved in a serious car accident and then wakes up.

Jan 24,  · The beginning attack was killer, but everything else after it sucked. And I enjoyed Cloverfield for being a damn thrilling roller coaster ride of a B .

Jan 18,  · I too googled "Cloverfield sucks." You may have started a movement. I thought "The Day After Tomorrow" was the worst disaster flick ever but "Cloverfield" sucks so much harder. The eternal party scene, the paper thin yet massively annoying characters, the ridiculous "plot," the pretentious camera work. Cloverfield is a bad movie. Reply DeleteAuthor: AJ.

Jul 29,  · The only thing sucked in cloverfield was the shaky camera. The monster was way better than godzilla, it's even invincible and it has parasites so it wasn't only about the big monster, but also.