Justice in Kathryn Knott case, but no progress on PA’s hate crime laws - On top of Philly news - cases of sexual orientaion hate crimes


Examples of Court Decisions Holding LGBT-Related Discrimination Actionable Under Title VII cases of sexual orientaion hate crimes

Psychologists call for assault on hate crimes-- Hate crimes demand unique legal, psychological and policy responses -- Hate crimes constitute a unique class of violence against a person's identity. Four distinct motives underlie hate crimes based on sexual orientation.

Hate Crime Laws and Sexual Orientation ELIZABETH P. CRAMER Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work This article provides definitions for hate crimes, a summary of national data on hate crime incidents, and descriptions of federal and state hate crime laws. The author presents various arguments in support of and against hateCited by: 6.

However, some murderous hate crimes may fall under federal hate-crime laws, which give local prosecutors the ability to bring federal charges for crimes prompted by religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and race. Last year, thousands of individuals were arrested for hate crimes in North Carolina and the rest of the country.

Aug 22,  · Two Texas Men Plead Guilty to Federal Hate Crime for Assaults Based on Victim’s Sexual Orientation. Nigel Garrett, 21, and Cameron Ajiduah, 18, pleaded guilty today to assaulting men because of the victim’s sexual orientation, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Texas.