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Jul 21,  · 15 Pokémon Fans Who Made Misty Hot AF. by Chris Littlechild this is some excellent work, and another example of that more modern, matured Misty that’s so popular in her fan art. This is her in her original Red/Blue guise, rather than in the style of some of her later series appearances. Pokemon. Share Tweet Comment Email Copy Link Author: Chris Littlechild.

Dec 24,  · Why not post some fan art that depicts her in her many appearances and outfits? In this list you'll find gorgeous fan art of Misty in her many forms. Misty the cool gym leader, Misty the graceful mermaid, Misty the mischievous, Misty the innocent, and even Misty the grown up. Take a look, and be sure to visit the artists' eazye.info: Sergio Solorzano.

Apr 22,  · to be honest, no special brushes were used! The effect is mostly given by the fact that the lineart was done on paper and then scanned! So the sketchy lines and the paper texture remain:).

Naked Misty. By ProfessorBob92 | Fan art made for me by Diego Fichera See More by ProfessorBob Featured in collections. Misty Pokemon by Blade amazeballs pokemon by generatortia. Pokemon by SiskelEbert Recommended for you. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant?