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Nov 01,  · After two actresses quit the role because it was too humiliating, Kubrick praised Adrienne’s patience and comfort while shooting the scene in which she had to stand on a guys’ shoulders completely naked for weeks and was repeatedly hit by Malcolm to get Kubrick the perfect shot. Read More: Best Adult Movies of

10 Actresses Who Are Basically Nude For The Entire Movie foregone conclusion that most actresses will at least once or twice in their career take a role which sees them appear naked, or at Author: Ben Bussey.

Georgina Leeming is an actress born in Manchester, we have been able to see her naked in the French mini series Virgin (). Here's Georgina Leeming nude in Virgin. Georgina really goes at it in this vigorous sex scene as she explores some new positions in the bedroom, actually the kitchen.

Dec 20,  · Celebrities in were not afraid to take it all off. Whether it was for a magazine shoot, an album cover or a day at the beach, stars were all about shedding their clothes and posing naked.