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Mar 07,  · The forearm rotation abnormality is usually something that kids can adapt to as the shoulder offers so much compensatory motion. The hand is, however, a bigger challenge. I have previously posted about syndactyly and thumb rotation but I wanted to show a classic case of ulnar longitudinal deficiency in an older Charles Goldfarb, MD.

Nutation and counternutation refer to movement of the sacrum defined by the rotation of the promontory downwards and anteriorly, as with lumbar extension (nutation); or upwards and posteriorly, as with lumbar flexion (counternutation). Opposition refers to the movement that involves grasping of .

The length of the vector gives the speed of rotation and the direction of the axis gives the direction of rotation according to the right-hand rule: right fingers curled in the direction of rotation and the right thumb pointing in the positive direction of the axis. This allows some .

Nov 03,  · Thumb rotations help develop the awareness of moving your eyes in a relaxed effortless manner and help improve ocular function. Equipment Needed. Clean hands and space to stand. When to Perform. 2 minutes a day on both eyes How to Perform. 1) .