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Why Does my Dog Lick His Butt? why does my dog lick his butt

One of the main reasons a dog licks at his buttocks is that his anal glands have become impacted or infected. Rover may also scoot along the ground to help scratch the area because of the itching caused by the impacted glands. A dog's anal glands normally expel a smelly fluid when he defecates.

Why Does my Dog Lick His Butt? Posts by: Dr. Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ. Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z. Toby, a 9 year old beagle, was smearing brownish, disgusting, smelly goo all over the carpet and the couch. In addition to dragging his butt on the floor and furniture, Toby was constantly licking his behind. The entire house was a smelly.

Rectal itching is described as periods of licking, scratching or scooting by your dog, which appear indicative of irritation or discomfort in the anal area. A relatively common occurrence in canines, rectal itching should be checked by your veterinarian because it can signify a problem that should not be ignored. Book First Walk Free!

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